We are excited that you are confirmed as a participant of the MiQ Store! Please see more detailed information as part of your welcome package.

Submit payment

An invoice via Square has been sent to you, payment confirmation is required within 48 hours to confirm participation.


Further Questions & Inventory Upload

Upload your inventory & answer further questions here


Store Design and Placement of Products

Your product, depending on size and type, will be curated and placed by our team at one of the following zones: 

  • Wall Zone
  • Table Zone
  • Shelf Zone
  • Frame Zone
  • Lounge Zone

Our team has full discretion of the placement of your products, if you have a specific prop that you would like us to use for your display, do let us know but we cannot guaranteed that it will be used. 


Pricing & Tax Information

We will collect sales tax on your behalf.  


Product Drop-offs and Pick-ups

These are the timeframe for:


Friday - Sunday : 11am - 7pm


Monday: 11am - 2pm


Bi-Weekly Sales Report and Payout

A sales report will be generated and sent to you every 2 weeks, and we will process payout either with Square Cash, Paypal, or Check, depending the preference you selected. 


Further FAQs


What happens to the merchandise not sold?

You will be able to pick it up the Monday after the end of one of the two week cycles.


What are the hours of operation?

On Mondays we are open for merchandise pick up 10am to 2pm by appointment.  The retail store will be open to clients Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 8pm.


Can we leave items there / Or do we have to remove everything each time?

Part of what sets us apart is eliminating the requirement of vendors to be present during retail hours.  You will leave the items with us and they will stay with us until they’re sold or your term with us expires, whichever occurs first.


Do you provide product packaging?

We provide product packaging.  Especially if you are a food vendor, no packaging and no compliance with government regulations will disqualify you from participating in our store.


Can patrons consume on the premises?

No.  All our products are packaged and there will be no place to consume on site.  This is a retail store that carries various manufactured goods, it will not function as a place to consume on premises.  


Can I be in the store to sell my items?

Our model is different from others because you do not need to be in the store to sell your products-- we have hired professional staff to do this for you. However, if you would like to create showcase for your products during specific timeframes, let us know!